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Dedicated single server – hosting and support (annual subscription)

If your business is planning on delivering information and content that is highly sensitive, Learnify offers a selection of dedicated hosting and support solutions. With this optional upgrade, your instance of Learnify will hosted on its own dedicated server.

Core set-up service includes:

  • Recommendation and provision of hardware
  • Server set-up and hardening process to secure the server
  • Installation of Learnify onto the server
  • Security checklist (doesn't include a penetration test, please see our web store for this option)
  • 12-month rental of server hardware
  • 12-month preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergency support contract, see what is covered below

12-month support back-up schedule:

  • Daily differential back-up
  • Weekly full back-up
  • Daily differential MySQL back-up
  • Weekly full MySQL back-up

12-month presentation maintenance schedule:

  • Check RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) configuration
  • Check IPTABLES (Internet Protocol Tables) firewall rules
  • Check application firewall is enabled/effective
  • Check bruteforce prevention system is secure and robust
  • Check server IP (Internet Protocol) is listed in RBL (Realtime Blackhole List)
  • Check scripts for server services and auto restart
  • Check Apache log rotate is working correctly
  • Check ProFTPD (Pro File Transfer Protocol Daemon) transfer log
  • Check MySQL (My Structured Query Language) database replication is working correctly
  • Check and apply security updates
  • Check if the server has enough disk space
  • Check memory utilisation and monitor spikes
  • Check file permissions for essential system commands
  • Check services for malicious scripts

Note: Learnify’s Server maintenance and support policy provides full details including task procedure details and resolution process. This is supplied when server and hosting support package is purchased or available upon request.

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