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Optional support for ongoing application management

If you don't have the time or the resource available to manage the application, then our team of experts can be on hand. You can hire our application administrators by the hour, meaning you can commission the level of application management that you need. We can assign an administrator to pick up tasks when you need that extra help, or we can fully manage that application following your ongoing strategy.

You will be assigned a dedicated UK-based administrator, ensuring continuity, quality and a true extension to your team. All activity is logged on timesheets and submitted on a weekly basis. That way you know exactly how much time is being spent on each task.

If you're not quite sure of the level that you require, take a look at the guidance table below or give us a call on +44 (0)1252 417385.

How much support do I need?

Number of users / learners Partly supported*
Fully supported
Up to 250 users / learners 2 hrs per month 6 hrs per month
Up to 500 users / learners 2.5 hrs per month 7.5 hrs per month
Up to 750 users / learners 3 hrs per month 9 hrs per month
Up to 1,000 users / learners
3.5 hrs per month 10.5 hrs per month
Up to 2,500 users / learners 4.5 hrs per month 13.5 hrs per month
Up to 5,000 users / learners 6 hrs per month 18 hrs per month
Up to 10,000 users / learners 8 hrs per month 24 hrs per month
Up to 20,000 users / learners 12 hrs per month 26 hrs per month
Up to 30,000 users / learners 16 hrs per month 48 hrs per month
Up to 40,000 users / learners 20 hrs per month 60 hrs per month
Up to 50,000 users / learners 24 hrs per month 72 hrs per month
Up to 60,000 users / learners 28 hrs per month 84 hrs per month
Up to 70,000 users / learners 32 hrs per month 96 hrs per month
Up to 80,000 users / learners 36 hrs per month 108 hrs per month
Up to 90,000 users / learners 40 hrs per month 120 hrs per month
Up to 100,000 users / learners 44 hrs per month 132 hrs per month

*working with your in-house application administration support

Example tasks that could be carried out:

  • Schedule / release of newly available content
  • Add newly available content into the application
  • Manage user / learner accounts
  • 1st line user support
  • Support other administrators
  • Make minor updates to content
  • Prepare webinar event and their summary listings
  • Update glossary system
  • Update FAQs system

Note: This service does not include the development of online content. Please see the web store for this specific service.

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